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1.Students are expected to conduct themselves as worthy members of the engineering profession.They should abstain completely from participation in any party or communal politics.
2.Students should attend the institute neatly dressed with uniforms in all days.
3.Students should attend the classes well in time and regularly.
4.Students should not loiter in the campus during working hours.
5.Students should park their vehicles in the cycle shed only.
6.Students should be absolutely silent during institute working hours including lunch time.
7.When a student meets a member of the staff of the institute,courtesy demands that the student must salute him/her.
8.When the teacher enters the lecture room, the students will rise and remain standing until they are asked to sit or until the teacher takes his/her seat. No student will leave the classroom without permission or until the class is dispersed.
9.Students are also reminded that smoking is a DANGEROUS habit and hazardous to health.
10.Smoking and consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited inside the campus and hostel premises. 
 11.Use of cell phone inside the campus is strictly prohibited. If anybody is found with cell phone, it will be confiscated.
12.Principal has the absolute right to suspend or dismiss any student found guilty of gross misconduct or breach of any the above either inside or outside the campus.  
1.Students should keep the institute premises neat and clean.  
2.Students should refrain from damaging the institute property by disfiguring walls, doors, electrical fittings,breaking furniture etc.
3.Any loss or damage to any property as assessed by the Principal shall have to be paid by the student concerned before the date specified.
4.When the responsibility for any loss or damage cannot be fixed on any particular student; the loss as assessed by the Principal shall be paid by a group of students or by the whole class or by all the students as may be judged by him.
5.The caution deposit is liable to be adjusted against any amount payable to the Institute and hostel and the concerned student shall be called upon to recoup the amount so, to be adjusted within the time specified.
6.Students must furnish the addresses of (a) their residence and (b) Local guardian at the beginning of the year Any change in the above, must be immediately intimated to the institute. Failure to do so will be viewed seriously.
7.Cycle/Moped should be carefully locked. SIT will not be responsible for any loss or theft.
8.Other than cycle/moped nothing else should be kept in the shed. The box if any attached to the cycle should be empty. The watchman of the cycle-shed cannot be held responsible for the unlocked cycle/moped and articles kept in the cycle or in the boxes attached to the cycle/moped.d articles kept in the cycle or in the boxes attached to the cycle/moped.
9.SIT fully committed to Ultra clean Campus of Swachh Bharat for our nation.

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