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SeshasayeeInstutute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli, is the first Grant- in Aid Polytechnicto be established in Tamilnadu in the post independent era. This pioneeringTechnical Institution occupying a unique position in the field of technicaleducation in our country, is the outcome of the farsightedness and philanthropyof our illustrious founder (Late) Thiru. V.Seshasayee. Being a suceefulindustrialist, he realized the need for more engineers and technicians forindustrialization of our country.

             His friends and well- wishers felicitatedhim and presented him a purse on the occasion of his 61st birthday in1952. He graciously donated the entire amount for starting this Technical inthe year 1952. This institute  made ahumble  beginning by conducting A.M.I.E.Classses. Many Arts and Science Graduates become engineers after passingsections A & B of A.M.I.E.


Thisinstitution became  a full fledged aidedPolyechnic in 1954 with an annual intake of 100 students under the policy ofCentral and State Governments to produce more technicians to meet the requirementsof industries. In 1958 the intake was is increased to 120 and in 1961 it wasfurther increased to 180 as both Central and State Governments were impressedwith the functioning of this Institution.

        The intake was increased to 210 withthe starting of Diploma programme in pulp and paper Technology during 1984, aunique Sanwich Diploma programme offered only by this institution in whole ofTamilnadu and Diploma in Computer Engineering in the year 1989 with an intakeof 30. Instrumentation Technology under World Bank Aided Second TechnicianEducation was indrouced in 1995 with the sanctioned intake of 30. Illustrious  founder has grown by leaps and  bounds.  Into a prestigious institution, which hascarved for itself a niche among technical institution in the country. As of2016-17 academic sission admission capacity is more than 1000 students. Being  a Co-education institution we have on rollabout 300 girl students.




Theprestigious institution becameAutonomous and Co- educational from the academic year 1994-95 under World BankAssited Second Technician Education Project. It has its own Academic Board andAwards Committee to guide the academic activities. The autonomy provides flexibilityto the institution to frame its own curriculam in tune with rapidly changingtechnology and industrial requirement..


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