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The Library is a temple of learning and hence a sacred place. The sanctity of library should be maintained by the users of the library. Strict adherence to rules alone will lead to efficient service. Absolute silence should be observed in and around the library.

1.One Library card will be issued to each student.

2.No student can borrow more than two books at a time.

3.Applications for books shall be made in the prescribed form.

4.Students should keep the library cards carefully and return them at the end of each term.

5.Every book borrowed from the library should be returned on or before due date. Otherwise a penalty or fine of one rupee per week per book will be collected at the time of the return of books.

6.Sub lending the books is strictly prohibited and if any case of sub-lending is brought to the notice of the Principal, it will be viewed seriously.

7.At the time of borrowing the books, the students should report to the Librarian, if any damage including missing pages found in the book. Otherwise they will be held responsible for any damage found at the time of return. The cost of the book will be recovered from them.

8.In the event of the loss of a book, it should be replaced by a fresh copy within a week or the students should pay double the cost of the book immediately.

9.Library book, cards and the other materials should not be underlined, written upon, tampered with or defaced in any manner.

10.The students should write the call number of the book in their book loan application form neatly, correctly and fully. Otherwise they will not get the required book.

11.The class representative must collect the library slips and submit them to the librarian before 11:00 am on the date of issue.

12.Books will be issued at specified time on all working days.

13.Books shall also be returned on all working days.

14.Books will be issued to all classes on all working days.

15.Fines will be collected strictly during the return of book by the Librarian.

16.The Reading Room will be kept open during the regular working hours on all working days.

17.Reference Books will not be issued to the students. However, the reference books can be referred with in the library. They should not be taken home.

18.Unless and until penalty amount or cost of the lost books is paid concerned students will not be allowed to take books again and Hall Ticket will not be issued for the Examination.

19.The students are requested to make the best use of the library Book-Bank and Reading Room facilities.

20.Internet facility and printing facility are provided in the Library. Students are advised to utilize the resources judiciously.

21.Computerized Library for accessing digitalized resources.

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